Dynamique at Work

After training, employee productivity increased by just over 22%, whereas training combined with coaching produced an increase in productivity of 88% ~ International Personnel Management Association

Dynamique at Work focuses on developing leaders, to have effective and successful careers, and personal lives. Utilising both psychometric assessments, as well as coaching, we work towards understanding the areas for growth as well as leveraging each individual’s unique strengths. How many times has a company hired an employee, and did not invest in understanding the unique set of skills that he/she brings. Coaching facilitates development more than any soft skills training can ever do, because it works on a consistent basis with the individual to unpack the learning’s in everyday situations, and asks the important questions. Previous and current clients have experienced life transforming growth through coaching.


  • Who you are and what you are capable of doing through coaching assessments as well as development assessments.
  • Ways in which you can live your life with direction.
  • Useful for students, and mid-career transitions.
  • Helpful for those times when you need to achieve something and are stuck.


  • Your personal vision and strategy for your life.
  • What are you here to achieve?
  • Where do you find yourself most fulfilled?
  • How do you achieve your purpose?


  • Your quality of life, and eliminate stress by finding healthier ways to achieve balance and good habits.
  • Excellent for Leaders who are in stressful positions, most women in leadership positions find a coach very supportive in juggling the many roles they play, and creating space for themselves.


  • Into your full potential, learn how to be more effective an as leader.
  • What are the particular challenges that you face?
  • Do you need to find solutions to your unique problem?
  • Growth through the supportive process of having a sounding board, active listening, reflective moments and compelling questions that challenge you to see things in a different light.

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